Why Your Church Should Consider Going Solar

No matter how some people may try to fight it, solar energy is here to stay. Renewable energy systems, especially solar panels, are now the cheapest form of energy to generate, which is why the industry has seen exponential growth in recent years. We’re now on our way to making solar panels the leading supplier […]

Solar for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Guide

Most nonprofits deal with high electric bills every month. This affects their budget significantly, which is already tight. These organizations often depend on grants and donations to run. As such, cost saving is at the top of their list. One way they can achieve this is by installing renewable energy. It saves money and helps […]

5 Common Ways Solar Panels Can Be Damaged

Once considered a status symbol, solar panels are now the cheapest way to generate electricity, especially for homeowners. It only took one decade for the price of solar panels to drop by over 82%, and they’re still only increasing in efficiency. However, placing glass panels on your roof undoubtedly comes with some risks. Luckily, you […]

Why Does Solar Panel Output Vary Across the Day?

The solar panel is on the rise throughout the U.S. For the first time, 8% of U.S. households now have solar panels, which is a rapid increase from recent years. Much like any newer technology, you undoubtedly have some questions. Look at your energy bill and find a few surprises and inconsistencies. So, why does […]

Why Is DC Current Produced from Solar Panels?

Are you thinking about adding solar panels to your home? It’s an excellent investment that can save you money on your energy bills, reduce pollution, and offer an uncapped 30% tax rebate based on your installation costs. It’s the deal of the century, but there’s still one challenge. Believe it or not, your home may […]

Choosing a Solar Company – 5 Step Guide

Are you thinking about installing solar panels for your home or business? You’re not alone. Solar company sales rose by 34% in 2021 alone and continued to grow each quarter through 2022. However, Simple Solar expects a boom this year thanks to the new 30% federal tax credit on solar panel installations. Still, you don’t want […]

6 Questions to Have Before Going Solar

More and more homes around the state and country are adopting solar panels, claiming to save small fortunes after installation. Unsurprisingly, Arizona now ranks fifth for production in the country, and we’re still climbing to the top. So, is it just hype, or is solar worth it? Luckily, you can find out with Simple Solar. […]

3-Step Guide to Choosing a Solar Company

If you are considering going solar, the first thing you need to do is choose a solar company. A solar power installation company can and will do an assessment of your home or building to determine if you have the proper elements in place to even have solar panels installed. A solar power installation company […]

5 Questions to Have Before Going Solar

The decision to go solar at your home or business is a personal and an important one to make. Installing solar energy at your home or business will be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime, so there are several things you should consider first. Read on for five questions you need […]