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8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Installer Before Going Solar

Embarking on the exciting journey towards solar energy for your home is a commendable decision, but the multitude of information from various solar companies can be overwhelming. To ensure a seamless transition to solar power, it's crucial to arm yourself with the right knowledge. Teaming up with solar industry experts, we've curated a list of 8 vital questions to ask your installer before diving into the world of solar energy. Our collaboration with industry experts aims to provide you with valuable insights, empowering you to navigate this process effortlessly and make well-informed decisions for a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Explore these key questions to ensure your solar journey is not only full of sunshine but also a professionally guided experience.

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1. Does the Proposal Align with My Goals?

Ensure the proposals you receive match your goals. Did the salesperson customize the proposal based on your feedback and utility usage, or did they provide a one-size-fits-all solution? Seek advice from unbiased advisors for a more accurate assessment whenever possible.

2. Am I Supporting Ethical Practices?

    Be aware of the potential dark side of solar – reports suggest forced labor in some supply chains. Choose reputable manufacturers without ties to unethical practices, ensuring a more ethical solar investment. It’s like opting for fair trade products.

    3. Cash, Loan, or Lease?

    Decide on your investment method – cash, loan, or lease. Each has its pros and cons, so consider your financial circumstances and goals. Consult an unbiased advisor to craft a solar payment plan that aligns with your objectives. Think of it like choosing a payment plan for a car.

    4. To Store or Not to Store?

    Consider adding solar batteries for energy storage. While it comes with a cost, it “future proofs” your solar investment. Evaluate the long-term economics and understand if it fits your needs. Think of it as investing in an extended warranty for your electronics. If not opting for batteries immediately, ensure the chosen equipment you are installing is broadly compatible with various battery technologies, providing flexibility for future additions.

    5. What is the installation process to ensure I don’t have roof leaks?

    Discuss the installation process with your chosen company to understand how they ensure a leak-free installation. Gain a clear understanding of their methods and quality control protocols. Request the installer to demonstrate the specific steps and materials used in sealing your roof.  The best installers surpass both manufacturer and industry standards, ensuring a watertight roof that endures for decades. Additionally, the duration of the solar installer’s guarantee and their commitment to standing behind their roof work can serve as indicators of the overall quality and workmanship.

    6. What is the difference between a manufacturers and installer’s warranty?

    Differentiate between the manufacturer’s warranty, covering equipment defects, and the solar installer’s workmanship warranty, which addresses installation-related issues. Knowing these distinctions helps set realistic expectations for coverage. Be clear what is and is not covered under both warranties as these will vary greatly between different manufacturers and installers. 

      7. What may cause the price to change after a Site Evaluation?

      Understand the factors that could cause price fluctuations after a site evaluation. This includes potential structural modifications, unforeseen challenges during installation, or changes in local regulations affecting the project’s scope.

      8. How much will I save by going solar, and how do I calculate my savings?

      Discuss the potential savings with your consultant, considering factors like current electricity costs, federal and local solar incentives, and the size of your solar system. Calculate savings based on reduced energy bills and potential tax credits.

      In conclusion, embarking on the journey to solar energy is a significant decision that warrants careful consideration. Before making the switch, take a moment to reflect on these important questions and don’t hesitate to reach out to trustworthy sources for advice. Here at Simple Solar, we’re all about empowering homeowners through education. Our fantastic team of Solar Consultants is here to give you the straight talk and customize a solar solution just for you. Ready to take the plunge into solar? Reach out today, and let’s have a friendly conversation about making the switch with confidence. Your sustainable future awaits!

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