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Professional Solar Services in Arizona

Professional Solar Services in Arizona

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Residential Solar Installation

Simple Solar specializes in residential solar panel installation, sales, repairs, and more for homeowners in the Greater Phoenix area.

Commercial Solar Systems

Discover how Simple Solar’s commercial solar services empower businesses to significantly reduce their carbon footprint through our expert solar system installation services.

Solar with Storage Installation

Contact Simple Solar today to explore the installation of a storage solution integrated with your solar electric system, providing peak-shaving or limited backup functionality during grid outages.

Should your current solar electric system fall short of your requirements, Simple Solar stands ready to enhance its capacity through proficient solar array expansion, ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

If you require service for your existing array, whether or not Simple Solar was the original installer, we can diagnose and address issues through expert solar repair services—even if your system is out of warranty.

EV Charging Outlet

Simple Solar offers expert EV charger installation services, providing the convenience of a Level 2 EV charger and outlet in your garage for fast at-home charging of your electric vehicle.