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Our Process

Discover how Simple Solar  seamlessly designs, installs, and maintains custom solar solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable energy for your home or business.

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Kickstarting Your Journey with Simple Solar

This initial step involves signing the contract, gathering essential documents such as HOA submission forms, utility documents, and copies of your utility bill, and submitting a deposit (if paying cash) to officially begin your project timeline!

(1-2 weeks)

Pre-Construction Visit and Site Evaluation

After signing, a dedicated Project Manager conducts a thorough site evaluation at your home. This evaluation, typically lasting about an hour, assesses crucial factors like roof orientation, potential shading issues, structural integrity, an inspection of your electrical panel, and available space for solar panels. Homeowners are encouraged to participate in this phase to provide valuable input and help make final decisions about the installation.

(1-4 weeks)

Design and Engineering, Finalizing Plan Design

Following the site evaluation, Simple Solar proceeds with the detailed design of your solar system, a phase lasting 1-4 weeks depending on its complexity. This involves creating comprehensive plans tailored to meet the specific requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), the utility company, and the homeowner’s association (HOA). These plans are essential for securing approvals from all relevant entities.

(1-8 weeks)

Submission for Approval

Once the design plans are finalized, Simple Solar submits them to the AHJ, utility company, and HOA for approval. This process, which can take 1-8 weeks depending on project complexity, involves managing documentation, clarifications, and submitting requested revisions to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Finalize Equipment Procurement, Delivery Schedule, and Installation Date

Upon receiving all necessary approvals, Simple Solar finalizes equipment procurement and coordinates delivery while confirming an installation date with the homeowner’s input. 

(1-4 days)

System Installation

Installation begins on the scheduled installation date, typically lasting 1-4 days, involves delivering materials and equipment, installing solar panels, performing wiring, and ensuring quality and safety under the supervision of a Project Manager.

Throughout the installation, the Project Manager oversees the process, conducting thorough quality checks and safety inspections. These assessments ensure that all work complies with industry standards, codes, and regulations, guaranteeing a safe and efficient system installation.

(1-3 weeks)

AHJ Inspection and Permission to Operate (PTO) from Utility

Following installation, your Project Manager schedules a final inspection with the AHJ to confirm compliance with codes and safety standards. Upon clearance, the AHJ forwards approval to the utility company, initiating the utilities’ inspection and meter installation process. After successful completion, the utility company grants Permission to Operate (PTO).

Solar System Activation and Electricity Generation

Once PTO is received, your Project Manager activates the solar system, conducts thorough performance tests, and provides a system walkthrough to homeowners.

90-Day Billing Review and Monitoring Demonstration

Approximately 90 days after your solar system is activated, your Simple Solar Consultant will arrange a detailed billing review session with you. During this session, we will help you understand your utility bills and show you the positive impact your solar system has on them. Additionally, we’ll provide a comprehensive demonstration on how to monitor your system’s performance, including insights into your savings, energy production, and the overall health of your system. This session is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to effectively track and maximize the financial and environmental benefits of your solar investment.

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