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Kyle DeTar
Kyle DeTar
Working with Simple Solar was a purely positive experience. They were quick and responsive during the system design stage. Permitting was painless, when we found out our house's previous owners didn't properly permit an addition, Simple Solar handled the issue completely. Installation took a little longer than a day for a 9kwh system (partly due to rain delays). We didn't experience any real friction during the process, I would recommend Simple Solar to friends + family.
Anthony Kiehl
Anthony Kiehl
Thanks for the solar installation!
Samuel Teitelbaum
Samuel Teitelbaum
I found Simple Solar on EnergySage. Their track record and a few calls with the owner, Scott, convinced me they were the right solar installer for the job. Simple Solar has been an amazing vendor start to finish. The owner, Scott, is very hands-on will all the customers, took all my questions seriously, and was happy to walk me through the engineering, construction, scheduling and permitting process, without overselling anything. Everything from the sales calls to the first site visits through commissioning and inspection with the utility went very smoothly, even though I needed quite a bit of rescheduling on my end. The onsite team was kind, professional, and neat. My system was up and powering my house with the sun within days of our target date. Big shout out to Joe and everyone else on the design and install teams for finishing the project on schedule with everything needed! We are a few months out from install, and I am very happy with my decision. Will update once the system has been running for a year with how it performs, but so far it is performing exactly at spec.
Neftali Lizarraga
Neftali Lizarraga
Scott and team were amazing throughout entire solar process. Communication was excellent from start to finish. The installation team was professional and communicated clearly. We had existing solar when we bought the home and decided to augment more panels to offset our high summer APS bills. It was a no doubter to install more solar panels to bring our bills down especially when APS constantly goes up in cost not down. Thank you Scott and Simpler Solar! Definitely recommended!
Sean Olson
Sean Olson
The experience and expertise that Scott and Simple Solar has is second to none. Scott takes the time to get to know your needs to set you up with an amazing system. The Simple Solar team is professional and provides excellent service throughout the entire process, leaving you feeling confident that you have made the right choice for solar.
Roman Urquidez
Roman Urquidez
I've always been a little skeptical of going solar, and even after speaking to representatives from a couple of different companies, I still wasn't sure. I wanted to get panels on my house, but the numbers had to make sense, and I wanted to make it happen with someone I trusted. Simple Solar checks all the boxes for me, and I genuinely trust the owner. He has got tons of experience and knowledge in the industry. I will be recommending Simple Solar to anyone who asks about renewable energy upgrades to their home.
I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Simple Solar Solar Battery Company and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. Their products are top-notch, offering high efficiency and reliability. A special shout-out to Scott Thompson, who was incredibly helpful throughout the process. His expertise and dedication to customer service were truly commendable. He went above and beyond to ensure all my queries were answered and that I was comfortable with my purchase. If you’re in the market for solar batteries, I highly recommend Simple Solar. Their combination of superior products and excellent customer service, especially from professionals like Scott, make them a standout choice in the industry. Remember, when you choose Simple Solar, you’re not just choosing a product, you’re choosing quality and peace of mind. Thank you, Simple Solar and Scott Thompson, for a great experience!
michelle macdonald
michelle macdonald
Simple Solar made the process so easy! Their experienced team made solar installation accessible and attainable for us, as they understand the intricacies of the industry, equipment, associated regulations, and available tax benefits. When we started our solar journey, we became overwhelmed by the details, but Scott was so knowledgeable and answered our many questions, putting our minds at ease throughout the process. Thanks, Scott and Craig! If you're looking to go solar, I would highly recommend Simple Solar!
Vadim Rokhlin
Vadim Rokhlin
The team at Simple Solar was amazing! They are very knowledgeable and true to their word. They clearly provided all information so that we understood the process and what we were getting. We moved our solar from our old home to our new home and the team did a tremendous job. The installation team was respectful and professional. We are thoroughly pleased with the entire process and highly recommend the Simple Solar team.
Cheryl Remos
Cheryl Remos
Very happy with our solar system from Simple Solar! The team makes it a piece of cake from start to finish. They walked us through everything, and it all went down just as they said it would. Plus, they kept us in the loop every step of the way. Our bills have never been so low! Simple Solar made it so easy. 5 stars!

About Us

Why Choose Our Solar Energy Platform

Simple Solar is a local, owner-operated Arizona business. We create exceptional value by only installing top-tier, name brand equipment with our professional solar services. Our installations and expansions are always the highest quality, courtesy of the most experienced installation and project management team in the Valley. Our team is comprised of industry veterans that provide a high level of expertise and the most professional deployment from start to finish. Simple Solar is committed to installing best-in-class solar power systems and offering the best customer service to create the best value to our customers. Contact us or check out our FAQ today!

  Professional deployment from start to finish, courtesy of the most experienced installation and project manager team in Arizona

 All Simple Solar systems are built with best-in-class equipment backed by industry leading warranties from top manufactures

 From start to finish, Simple Solar’s in-house team members manage your project, never a third party or sub-contractor

 Higher level of service after your system is placed into service from our pro-active monitoring and servicing of our Arizona fleet

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25-Year System Coverage


24/7 Professional Monitoring


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Solar Energy Systems in Arizona

Residential & Commercial Solar

Simple Solar offers Sales, Service, and Installation Services for Residential and Small Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Solar with Storage Installation​

Simple Solar can install a storage solution with your solar electric system for peak-shaving or limited back-up during grid outages

Solar Array Expansion

If your existing solar electric system isn’t meeting your needs, Simple Solar can expand your existing array


Ready to learn more about solar

Request a no-obligation solar consultation with one of our solar experts. This can be done completely virtually via phone and e-mail, or face to face at your home. Whichever option you choose our experts will walk you through the entire process and give a full, detailed solar proposal (including financing options) and answer all your questions. It is truly a consultation, never a hard sell.

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    Why Choose Us

    A Few Reasons to Choose
    Simple Solar

    In House Team

    Everyone working on your project from start to finish is part of our team. Never a third party or sub-contractor

    Industry Experience

    Simple Solar is an owner-operated business. Everyone from Leadership, Project Management, our dedicated Installation and Service Teams to our Solar Consultants have decades of industry experience combined

    Best Installations

    Our installations are always the highest quality, courtesy of the most experienced installation and project management team in Arizona. Conduit is run through the attic, never along or off a roofline. Low profile racking used and skirting available to ensure the array does not detract from the curb appeal of your home. We believe the best-looking array is the one you do not notice

    Top-Tier Equipment

    We create exceptional value by only installing best-in-class, name brand equipment selection from manufactures you can trust

    Local to Arizona

    Simple Solar is local, and owner operated. We are your neighbor and are here to service your system for decades to come. If you ever have a question or need, call a local number, and get live support instantly

    White Glove Service

    Simple Solar understands that solar is an investment. To ensure that investment pays dividends, level of service after your system is placed into service is crucial. Simple Solar will monitor and proactively service and maintain your system and it is all covered under your warranties