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Exploring the True Costs of Solar Panel Maintenance

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Anyone intending to have a solar panel system installed in their household should be aware of the true costs of ongoing maintenance over the life of their system. Believe it or not, paying zero dollars in solar panel maintenance costs is possible if you do everything right. However, that means you must choose the right products, warranty, and, most importantly, the right company to install your system. Many installation companies do not offer any kind of long-term servicing or maintenance; in that case, you will incur some ongoing costs. It’s also true that many warranties are not very comprehensive and fall well short of covering even the most common issues that might arise. That’s why it’s super important to choose an installer like Simple Solar that provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your system. You can also get a robust warranty on your system from Simple Solar, which will cover practically everything that might happen to your system. In this article, we’ll discuss some of those maintenance issues that might crop up and cost you if your current warranty doesn’t cover them.

Normal Maintenance

Assuming you purchased a system with a really good warranty, you should not incur much cost for ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of your system. You can help yourself in this regard by taking good care of the solar panels. Keep them free of dirt, debris, snow, tree branches, and other things that could degrade power output. Inspect the panels periodically to ensure they are free of all impediments and capable of maximum production. You should also monitor production levels regularly to identify when production is lower than usual. In many cases, reduced output will be attributable to lower levels of sunlight, but if a low output condition persists, you may need to have your system checked by a skilled technician.

Damaged Solar Panels

Sometimes, one or more of your solar panels may suffer unanticipated damage from weather or some kind of accident. Hail can be damaging, as can freezing snow or any severe storm. These are times when you need a good warranty because even if your warranty covers the panels themselves, it’s entirely possible that shipping and labor costs are not. Severe damage means replacing or repairing one or more solar panels, which can be a considerable expense if a warranty does not cover you. If your system has been in place for quite a while and the warranty has expired, you could also get stuck for the cost of replacing those panels. Each panel replacement will probably cost between $300 and $400, as well as the cost of labor. To avoid major replacement costs, ensure you get a good warranty covering all these costs. When the warranty is near expiration, you can try to have it extended so you’re not exposed to ongoing repair or replacement charges.

Miscellaneous Costs

Some miscellaneous costs may also come into play with your solar panel system. Depending on your area, it may be necessary to have your panels cleaned at some point. Dirt, debris, snow, tree branches, and even excessive bird droppings can obscure the surfaces of your solar panels and degrade power output. If you aren’t a do-it-yourself person, you would have to pay to have the panels cleaned, which might amount to several hundred dollars. Even if you are adept at performing household maintenance, you may not want to tackle cleaning solar panels unless you have a ground-mounted system or if the panels are situated on an accessible, flat roof. There are also times when growing trees will interfere with the sunlight reaching your panel surfaces. To restore the full power potential of your system, the blocking branches would have to be trimmed, and that will require the services of an arborist or at least someone knowledgeable about tree trimming.

Wiring Problems and Inverter Problems

All solar panel systems are connected in series circuits, and all the panels must be connected to the inverter. The inverter has the critical function of converting DC to the standard AC used by all households in this country. If the wiring or the inverter becomes damaged, it could mean a significant repair bill if your warranty doesn’t cover those things. When purchasing your system, it is extremely important to read all the fine print to know what’s covered and what isn’t. Being cautious and thorough at the outset can save you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

Save on Maintenance Costs with Simple Solar

Some subcontractors will offer lower prices for installing solar panel systems, but you should beware of these cut-rate professionals. Most of them do not offer long-term maintenance services, which means their warranties are likely substandard. If you choose one of these companies, you will likely be vulnerable to maintenance and repair costs that a more comprehensive warranty would have covered. When you choose a company that handles all aspects of solar panel installation (system design, setup, monitoring, and maintenance), that company will have much greater accountability for the system. A company like Simple Solar will be there for you whenever anything goes amiss with your system and monitor power output to ensure consistent performance. Contact Simple Solar to ensure you get the industry’s best warranty and the most dedicated maintenance service. This way, you can expect your ongoing maintenance costs to be minimal and your power output to be maximized.

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