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Choosing a Solar Company – 5 Step Guide

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Are you thinking about installing solar panels for your home or business? You’re not alone. Solar company sales rose by 34% in 2021 alone and continued to grow each quarter through 2022.

However, Simple Solar expects a boom this year thanks to the new 30% federal tax credit on solar panel installations. Still, you don’t want to choose just any solar provider for something you’ll have for so long. Let’s talk about how to choose a solar company in 2023!

1. Identify the Services You Need

Before we discuss how to choose a solar company specifically, you first need to know the type of solar company to look for. These could be:

  • Residential or commercial installers
  • Distributors or manufacturers
  • Lead generation companies (to connect you with a provider)
  • Solar financing company

If you need a large-scale job with financing options, you may need a company that does all of the above. These are called full-service solar providers.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with your needs, it’s okay to bring in a team of solar experts for an estimate. From there, you’ll know what you need.

2. Read Online Reviews

When looking for solar providers, verify their online reputation before contacting them. We’re fortunate enough to live in a time when you can access reviews from previous customers for any company.

Still, it’s important to remember that anybody can leave a “five-star” or “one-star” review. For a local company, a few of these could push their rating one way or the other very quickly.

Consequently, it’s essential to read these reviews and see what previous customers have to say. Without context, you can’t truly judge if a company is right for you.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

Once you have a shortlist of solar companies, there’s nothing wrong with getting more than one quote. A quote could easily be the deciding factor if the companies all appear great on paper.

Ensure they’re offering the same quality of solar array expansions, as you don’t want to choose cheaper panels or an unqualified team or have a poor warranty. Ask questions about how many solar panels you need based on your energy consumption, where they will go, and more. The more companies and questions you ask, the better you can judge who is sincere.

4. Ask Questions

Finally, asking questions is what makes or breaks a deal. This will help you gauge the company’s knowledge and determine which service is the best. Here’s what you need straight answers for before moving forward.


If you plan to finance your solar system installation, you’ll need to ensure that your solar company offers the financial plan you need. This includes monthly payments, loan terms, interest rates, and more.

Of course, you can receive a 30% federal tax credit and up to $1000 from the state of Arizona, but if you can’t afford to front the initial costs, you’ll need to know your financing options.

Licenses and Insurance

Next, ask the company if they are licensed in your state. You only want to purchase solar panels through a licensed, insured, and reputable company. If this information isn’t visible on their website, ask for proof of license and insurance!


How much experience does the company have with similar jobs? Ideally, they will specialize in the type of job you need, and the team will have multiple years of experience installing solar panels.


For extra peace of mind, ask about warranties. The industry standard is a 12 to 25-year warranty. Most solar panels will last for over two decades, but for extra security, you should ask about warranty terms and conditions before choosing a solar provider.


Does the company offer maintenance services? If so, this can be incredibly helpful, especially for rooftop panels. While they only require minimal upkeep once every year, it’s best to have trusted professionals on call.

5. When Can You Start?

Now that you know how to choose a solar company, put these tips to use right away, ask plenty of questions, and get started. There are many benefits to installing a home solar system, especially now with record-high incentives and availability.

Stay updated with our latest solar energy tips and contact us today with any questions about our services!

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