Why Your Church Should Consider Going Solar

No matter how some people may try to fight it, solar energy is here to stay. Renewable energy systems, especially solar panels, are now the cheapest form of energy to generate, which is why the industry has seen exponential growth in recent years.

We’re now on our way to making solar panels the leading supplier of our energy in the coming decades. If so, why bother adding solar panels to our roofs?

We’re glad you asked. Here are some key benefits of investing in solar panels for churches!

Reducing Energy Costs

Congregations have a lot of expenses, but their only revenue streams are through donations in most cases. 

Well, reducing energy costs is a great place to start. Churches are often large spaces that require a lot of light, heating, and cooling year-round for members to remain comfortable. Unfortunately, this often leads to high energy bills directly from the church budget.

To keep everything running, you can invest in more energy-efficient appliances, fixtures like LED bulbs and heat pumps, and solar panels for your energy generation. When combined, this can potentially eliminate your electric and heating bills year-round.

While solar panels were once a symbol of wealth, they are now the cheapest way to generate electricity. Growth within the industry has reduced costs by around 90% since 2010, and there are now unprecedented incentives to make it easier than ever to switch.

Collecting Tax Incentives

Businesses, homeowners, and churches can now receive federal tax credits of up to 30% of installation costs for new solar panel setups. Also, you may be eligible for an additional 10% incentive for purchasing American-made solar panels for a 40% cost reduction.

Depending on your state and city, you may have other incentives. Here in Arizona, you can receive a 25% tax credit for solar systems purchased in the state. However, different states and municipalities have different incentives.

Regardless, this ensures you will save money on the initial investment and dramatically reduce your energy costs over time. If you’re still worried about the upfront costs, talk to your local solar installation companies to learn about incentives and financing options.

Just remember, these incentives will only last until 2032, and there is a growing movement to repeal or reduce some of these benefits in Congress. Not only that, but solar is growing exponentially, so you may face a waiting list. Therefore, consider investing in solar as soon as possible to maximize these benefits.

Demonstrate Church Values

Many congregations have had difficulty reaching out to new members who may not believe the church aligns with their values. This is especially true when attracting younger members, as 51% of Gen Zers find brands and communities that align with their values.

One of the most common values for young people is sustainability. Solar panels on your church’s roof tell your community you support sustainability and environmental causes. This can help you attract new value-driven members without alienating your existing ones. After all, who can blame you for saving church money?

Helping Your Community

Churches are mission-driven and typically run community welfare programs, which require a lot of resources. If you want to demonstrate your church’s values and improve your community, you won’t find a more attainable and effective option than solar panels.

Reducing energy costs will free up funding for your essential programs, and the solar panels will benefit your community. Burning fossil fuels heats the planet and produces particulate matter in our communities that we all breathe in. Therefore, lowering our consumption of these dangerous fuels helps protect our community from developing diseases like cancer and dementia.

On top of that, you’ll support local businesses while saving money and protecting your community’s health. While your church won’t have to front the entire bill, your local solar company will still receive full payment for their services, which helps your local economy and potentially lines up your church for additional incentives!

How Do I Know If Solar Panels Are Right for My Church?

Every congregation, building, and municipality is different. However, nearly every building can benefit from solar panels in sunny Arizona.

First, you’ll generate more electricity than you would in most of the country. Arizona is a hot desert with plenty of sunshine, which almost ensures you’ll receive ample energy with the right solar array.

Second, investor-owned utilities in Arizona (essentially all of them) are required to pay an excess generation credit of around 75% of the cost of your surplus electricity generated. Essentially, when your panels generate more electricity than you use (in sunny Arizona), that energy flows back into the grid, which your utility company reimburses you for in the form of credits. This can eliminate your energy bill year-round, even during the winter in snowy Flagstaff.

Finally, solar panels from reputable companies will last for 25 years or more. The energy savings they’ll offer over that period will more than pay for themselves, and you will have helped your community reach its clean energy targets in a timely manner.

Invest in Solar Panels for Churches Today

There are many reasons to invest in solar panels for churches. It can help improve your image, save money from tight budgets, and more. You won’t find an easier or more cost-effective way to achieve the benefits listed above.

Keep reading our blog for our latest solar energy updates, and contact us today for a quote!